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Although buying vinyl is not exactly a race of staying ahead of the curve, there is enough of an audience that listens to only vinyl that there are definitely some albums that are more popular than others.

Since so many artists on the top 40 lists these days that hardly produce music that is worthy of listening to in the higher quality of a record, we put together a list of albums that users have agreed have enough musicality that they’re worth purchasing on vinyl.

A Love Supreme
most popular vinyl recordsby John Coltrane
Come Away with Me
by Norah Jones
Armchair Apocrypha
by Andrew Bird
Somethin’ Else
by Cannonball Adderley
by Amy Winehouse
The Real McCoy
by McCoy Tyner
Lady in Satin
by Billie Holiday
Little Girl Blue
by Nina Simone
Sketches of Spain
by Miles Davis
Saxophone Colossus
by Sonny Rollins
Street Lady
by Donald Byrd
Workin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet
by Miles Davis Quintet
World of Duke Ellington
by WDR Big Band
Stone Flower
by Antonio Carlos Jobim
by Chet Baker
Live from Austin TX
by Norah Jones
In a Silent Way
by Miles Davis
Monk’s Music
by Thelonious Monk
The Marshall Mathers LP
by Eminem
by Bill Evans

Many people think that the only people who still buy vinyl are those that are behind the times and not willing to accept any change, however, one look at this list would prove those people wrong.

As we can see from the wide variety of both genres of music as well as decades in which the music was being made, it’s safe to say that the vinyl-philias are definitely a diverse bunch.

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